Courses of Study

Intermediate Course

  • Biology, Physics and Chemistry
  • Commerce, Economics and Civics
  • History,Economics and Civics
  • Logic, Economics and Commerce
  • Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

Certificate Course in Computer Applications

Bachelor of Arts

  • Economics, Politics and Philosophy
  • History, Economics and Politics
  • Industrial Relations, Economics and Politics
  • Social Work, Economics and Politics
  • Telugu, History and Politics

Bachelor of Business Management

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Science

  • Botany, Agriculture and Chemistry
  • Botany, Zoology and Chemistry
  • Geology, Physics and Chemistry
  • Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
  • Mathematics, Physics and Geology
  • Mathematics, Physics and Statistics
  • Zoology, Agriculture and Chemistry
  • Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science
  • Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
  • Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Science

M.S. in Analytical Chemistry & Organic Chemistry.

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